Honey Bee Products

Our range of products include Honey Bee Products such as Bee Propolis, Bee Veil, Bee Wax & Comb Foundation Sheets and Bee Smoker.

Wooden Bee Hive

Our range includes wooden beehive that provides safe and sufficient space for bees to live and raise their young ones. These are made in traditional designs as well as in modern designs that are as per the specifications of the clients.

Bee Propolis

The bee propolis that we are offering is widely used on the surfaces of the honeycomb cells that prevent infection in the honeycomb. These Propolis are used to sterilize the honeycomb cells that contain the larvae, as well as the cells that store the honey & bee pollen.

Bee Veil

We are offering high quality bee veils that are made with cloth and netting, preferably a plastic netting for protecting the head and neck of the beekeepers / workers. It is worn to prevent stings and cover up. Our range is highly demanded in the market due to its superior design that ensures full protection of face and neck of the workers, permits ventilation, facilitates easy movement and good vision.

Bee Wax & Comb Foundation Sheets

We produce and supply best quality bee wax and comb foundation sheets that are made from pure bees wax, with bases of comb cells embossed on it. In the manufacturing process of comb foundation sheets the beeswax is changed from a liquid state into a continuous flat sheet which assures creation of high quality comb foundation.

Bee Smoker

The range of Bee smoker that we are offering is a device that is used to puff up the smoke in the hive to calm down the bees. Available at cost effective prices, these equipment are widely used by beekeepers to manage the beehives in a proper manner.

Hive Tools & Brush

Our range of honeybee equipment includes well-manufactured hive tools and brushes that have high quality bristles, with long lasting shelf life. Made of steel or stainless steel, it is suitable to be used for opening the hives, separating the combs, scrapping the hive parts and working the nails at the time of hive inspection.

Honey Extractor

We are producing and exporting a wide range of honey extracting equipment that is extensively used for collecting honey from combs. It is provided with a drum and cages that are hinged to a central axis to hold honey filled frames. During the extraction process, the honey due to the centrifugal force runs down the walls of the honey extractor and settles at the bottom of the extractor.

Royal Jelly

We offer a wide range of liquid royal jelly that is produced by the worker bees solely to feed the queen bee. It enhances longevity and reproductive capabilities of the queen. This natural elixir has following features and applications:

  • Anti biotic properties

  • Help in enhancing one’s physical condition

  • Used as medicine in diseases like: asthma, cholesterol, depression, high blood pressure etc.


Pollen Grains

Successfully catering to the diverse needs of our clients, we are offering wide range of pollen grains that is produced in the microsporangium, contained in the anther of:

  • Angiosperm flower

  • Male cone of a coniferous plant

  • Male cone of other seed plants. The main features that distinguish one type of pollen from another are size, shape & ornamentation of its outer wall.


Pure Honey

We are offering superior quality honey that is sweet viscous liquid produced by honeybees from nectar of flowers and stored in their honey combs for future consumptions. Available in high quality and non-reactive bottles, our range of honey is known for its pure contents that have high hygienic value



Queen Excluder

Our wide range includes queen excluder which is a metal sheet, provided with regular openings of the specified size and framed with wooden borders. The size of the opening is such that the worker of a particular species can move easily but the queen does not pass through it. It is generally used between the brood chamber & super chamber for preventing the queen to enter the honey chamber.

Bee Pollen

Bee Pollen is not just about energy however. Providing a vast array of vitamins and minerals, bee pollen may provide a tremendous range of health benefits. It is used to suppress food intake`, nicotine and caffeine cravings, it regulate weight, gives immunity for allergies and fight chronic fatigue. Bee pollen may also help reduce the effects of stress and aid digestive system function.

Bee Gloves 
Bee Gloves The company offers well-designed gloves made of goat & cow leather, which are european sized and easily worn and provide effective and comfortable protection against stings from honeybees ……