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honey price in india

new honey flow start. honey purchasing and sale start . i have best honey .

bulk honey price is 90 rupee per kg ,

contact ph number  7508600644

honey price in india

honey flora  finish , now honey price this year .80 per kg to 100 per kg any one buy honey please call this number7508600644

honey price

now honey crop start. new price of buying of honey 110 per kg beri honey.

honey price increase

honey price increase . now market price 135 per kg

honey price

production is low this year .honey price today 100 per kg

honey price

honey price increase  musterd honey price 83 rupees per kg

honey price

this year honey price of musterd 74 rupees per kg

ajwvain honey price is 78 rupees per kg

musterd honey

honey production is good , ihave paking of one kg . if you wants home dielviry , i send you by corior .

call me, price 1 kg 300 per kg . this is hunderd percent natural .

phone number , 09888541461

honey price

necter is start . beekeeper getting good price now honey price is 120 per kg to 130 per kg depend on quailty