honey price increase

honey price increase . now market price 135 per kg

honey price

production is low this year .honey price today 100 per kg

honey price

honey price increase  musterd honey price 83 rupees per kg


weather is not good for honey season .musterd  floora is short now . production is low this year .

honey price

this year honey price of musterd 74 rupees per kg

ajwvain honey price is 78 rupees per kg

honey flow start

ajawain honey start , all traders and exporter is buying .

honey price in india

honey flow start . new corp coming . honey buying price in india 100 per kg to 145 per kg .depend on quality .

if you want honey price in india .

plz contact .


honey price

beekeeper on migration on ber production .and starat production of

honey . price of buying of honey 110 per kg from beekeeper .


beekeeping season start

now new beekeping season stert . migration is start,

start bee keeping

beekeeping is good busness .low investment and high return ,